Correspondence From the Teacher

At my school, when a parent contacts me, it is expected that I will return their email, call, note, etc. within 24 hours.   Parents expect that and so does my administration.  Instant communication with the teacher, how lovely is that.  I believe that we are about the only professionals out there that you are able to talk to anytime that you wish.  The reverse is not true however.  When I take the time to write to you, or call you the parent, about something concerning your child, please have the decency to respond.  Would you ignore a phone call from your doctor? Of course not! You respond to tweets, texts, voicemails, Facebook posts almost immediately upon receipt, but a note from your child’s teacher.. hmm, not so quickly I am afraid.  What’s wrong with this picture?  Parents, if I contact you it is for a very good reason.  In the future, please take the time to respond when it comes to good and welfare of your child.  It is your child’s best interests that I have at heart.. when you don’t respond to me, can you really say the same?


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