Journal Writing

This is the time of the year when Kindergartners and First Grade really take off with their writing.  They have been learning and developing the skills needed for writing for 6 months and they are now ready to use them.  Teachers really enjoy this time of the year.  It is when most children start to consistently and independently use the skills that they have been taught this year.  We see it in the classroom, children are writing letters to each other, to teachers, writing books and writing every chance they get. One way to keep this enthusiasm alive at home is to encourage your child to keep a journal at home.  Not only does this help them to keep their writing and thinking skills sharp, the journal will act as a time capsule of this particular time in their lives.  All that your child needs is a notebook, a pencil and a quiet working space.  He/she should be writing every day for enjoyment having nothing to do with any homework assignments.  The more they write, the more they will enjoy writing.  When you take a long car drive, bring the journal, when you go away for the weekend, bring the journal. Definitely when you go away for an extended period of time, bring the journal.  Writing in the journal at the end of a day can help your child recap his/her day and they could another dimension to the journal by adding illustrations. Please get your child a blank notebook and watch the journal fill up with all of your child’s wonderful thoughts and memories.

If your child is unsure as to how to begin, here is a list of prompts that will get the creativity flowing:


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2 responses to “Journal Writing

  1. Anonymous

    It is a very good idea to have kids write a journal everyday especially in the summer to keep up with their writing and imagination skill. However, it is so hard to have them write or to keep the interest going. Every time, I ask my kid to write, he will be “I will do it later”, “I am tired”…. Seems like I have to force him to do the work. But that defeat the purpose of fun writing. Any suggestion in promote writing interest? Similar to reading, if I ask him to read for 20 minutes, he will be like “is it 20 minutes yet?”. I tried to sit down to read to him when he doesn’t want to read. But he will dose off some times.

  2. kindergartenteacherclaire

    Journal writing has to be made a scheduled part of a day. During the summer after lunch is a good time to write giving the child a break from morning play and sun and afternoon play and sun. Setting a timer works, In my classroom I play classical music which helps set the atmosphere and to teach the children that I mean business when it comes to writing. You might also trade something with your child for every 20 minutes spent reading…ie., a sticker earned and when he/she gets so many stickers they have earned something fun. The goal is to teach the love of reading and writing not just to make it another task. How is your child with writing and reading at school. What time of day are you asking him to write/or read for you. Timing is everything. Thanks for reading the blog and taking the time to write.

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