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Math and Reading Sites for Online Practice

Many parents are beginning to realize that school will be ending very soon. Although their children are counting the minutes until summer vacation begins and they won’t have to come to school, many parents are realizing the importance of keeping up with the skills that have been learned in school all throughout the summer months.  Ask any teacher and you will hear about how your child’s learned skills can be, and often are, lost during the summer.  This does not have to be!  Your child should be practicing/reviewing math and language arts (reading and writing) every day! Yes, every day.  Of course not all day long – summer is summer after all, but at least 30 minutes a day should be set aside for ‘school’ work.  I encourage my parents to make it part of the daily family schedule so that their child is expecting it and knows that he/she is going to be doing it.  The best review is spent one on one with your child so that your child sees that you value what he/she is doing and the importance of doing the review work.  In addition to the work that you will be doing with your child, I have put together a list of free online sites offering math and reading games where your child can ‘review’ at his/her own pace.  Check them out, you might find a few perfect ones that will be just right for your child entering Kindergarten, First grade or Second grade.
First Grade math sites:
2nd grade:

math and reading

Create your own worksheets and flashcards

all kinds of math

more math

lots and lots of games with links to other online sites with math games

lots of number practice

lots of facts to practice, not just numbers

math games


lots of different games, not just math

math, brain teasers, jokes

links to 50 or more websites for kids

more math games



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