Does your child have a dress up corner?  It’s time to give them one.  Playing ‘dress up’ gives children an opportunity to dream, stretch imagination and stimulate creativity.  Children work hard at this type of play because they have to make it up themselves and they learn a great deal while having fun.  There are many stores and online sites that will sell you beautiful dress up clothing but you have dress up clothing already, right there in your own house.  Go look in your closet and before you send your old clothes to charity, check them out through the eyes of a child.  Your old clothes, (prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, sequined clothing, ties, jackets etc.), old shoes, hats, costume jewelry, glamorous items may be just the ticket for ‘dress-up’ items for your child.  When young children have the opportunity to role play and dress up they develop:


  • Improved communication skills that help to develop vocabulary
    • They learn to express themselves.
    • They have a chance to try out more grown up words
    • Improve interpersonal skills as they play dress up
      • Practice speaking to others in a very comfortable setting.
      • Improved self confidence
      • Improved social skills
      • Improved creativity
      • Improved leadership qualities


Clean out your closet and let the fun and games begin! (Be sure to have a camera  ready because there will be MANY Kodak moments to capture!)


Re-posted from August 2009

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Filed under Behavior, First Grade, Kindergarten, Maturity, Parents, Play, Social Skills

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