Clothing for Kindergarten and First Grade

Dress for Success.  We all know what that means, but what does it mean for a Kindergarten child.  Children coming to ‘work’ in the Kindergarten classroom should come ready to work and play.  Now that parents are shopping for back to school clothes, please keep in mind the comfort of your child.  As tempting as it may be to buy that perfect outfit for a photo opportunity of the first day of school, please think carefully before dressing your child for that special first day.  Your child will be experiencing many firsts on that first day of Kindergarten:

  • First ride on a school bus
  • First day in a new school
  • First day with a new teacher
  • First day with unfamiliar children
  • First day of all day school (depending upon your school system)
  • First day of not eating lunch at home(again depends on school)
  • First day of new school rules…..and the list goes on and on

Children need to be dressed in comfortable, familiar clothing for this monumental day.  Children should dress comfortably every day of Kindergarten and come ready to sit on the floor, paint, move constantly, play on the playground and get dirty.  Kindergarten classrooms are full of bustling activities.  Please save the special clothing and photo op for a few weeks after school starts when your child has become familiar with his/her daily routine.  Remember, if you want your child to do well in Kindergarten, he/she needs to “Dress for Success.”

This also applies for children coming to first grade or any other grade level.  Children need to be comfortable in order to be ready to learn.  If your child tells you his/her clothing is itchy at home, or too small at the neck, you can be sure that the classroom teacher will hear the same complaint every few minutes. Your child will not be at his/her best to learn when the only thing he/she can concentrate on his how uncomfortable his/her clothing is.   Listen to your child, and ensure that he/she is coming to school wearing comfortable clothing.

Re-posted from August 2009

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