School Lunch

Most children eat lunch at school.  Many bring a lunch packed from home but the majority of students buy their lunch at school.  There are many reasons for buying the lunch at school, convenience for parents, children want to be like the other kids who buy lunch, children ‘think’ it will taste good, and the list goes on and on.  I would like to recommend to parents to find the time to buy healthy lunch choices for your child and pack him/her a lunch every day.  School lunches are getting better, but, very slowly I might add.  Per government regulation the children this year will be offered less carbohydrates and fatty food and more vegetables, but it is still not enough.  Parents, would you want to eat what you ask your child to eat from the school cafeteria? Day after day after day, it does get boring and it is generally non-nutritious. The lunches are usually loaded with fat and carbohydrates and although they meet government regulations they do very sparingly. Children who eat lunch at school often make inappropriate food choices and should be learning to make food choices when mom or dad are nearby, not when they are on their own.  On top of that most children who buy lunch at school have less time to eat than those who bring a lunch from home.  No waiting in line, no decision making, no weaving through crowds of children while managing you lunch tray with food and drink on it. Children who bring lunches from home, get to sit right down as soon as they get to the cafeteria, often having at least 10 minutes more to eat than classmates who buy lunch. When you go shopping for lunch items, take your child with you.  Talk about the foods you are choosing and if there are new foods to try, sample them at home before sending them to school with your child.  The children who eat lunch at school for 183 days worry me because they are learning at a young age that food should be full of fat and carbohydrates in order to taste good. Come on parents, get your children to help you and let’s send them off to school with a home packed lunch every day.

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