How Was Your Day?

How Was Your Day

When your child comes home from school please take some time and have a conversation with him/her about how the day went.  When you ask “How was your day?” don’t accept a one word answer like fine or OK. Really?  Your child has been out of your sight for 7 or more hours and you are willing to accept a one word answer telling you about all 7 of those hours.  In the classroom, I try to take some time at the end of each day and talk with the class about all that we have done that day.  It refreshes what the child has experienced during the day and makes for an easier conversation with Mom or Dad when the child gets home.  You could also ask specific questions such as:

  1.  Who did you sit next to?
  2. Did your teacher read you any books today?
  3. What is in your desk at school?
  4. What rules of the room did you follow today?
  5. What rules of the cafeteria did you follow today?
  6. What did you do in math today? (or Reading, Writing, Spelling, Science, Social Studies)
  7. How was your lunch? Your snack? What would you like to bring tomorrow for lunch/snack?
  8. Did you go to any other teachers’ classrooms today?  Art? Music? PE? Library?
  9. How was recess?

You get the idea.  Help your child to think about his/her day and have a DAILY conversation with your child about what is going on at school. Your child will get the message that you value what he/she has been doing during the school day and will be motivated to do even better when he/she returns to school the next day.





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