Library Card

I am the child of a children’s librarian getting a library card wasn’t a question, it was an expectation.  I still remember the excitement of finally being able to print my own name across the application form (although I printed so large it didn’t even all fit) and being handed my temporary card.  The thoughts of receiving mail with the ‘real’ card in it, took the excitement of the library card to whole other level.  The librarians at the desk told me I could check out books that very day using my temporary card.  Wow! I practically ran to the children’s room to start shopping.  I won’t tell you how many years ago that day was, but the fact that I still remember it means that it obviously had a lasting effect on me.  ALL children need to have their own library card.  What a wonderful, not to mention free, way to enjoy books, music, movies and more. Choosing their own books help children:

  • Feel responsible
  • Realize that books are lifelong friends
  • Learn to read
  • Encourage imagination

Good readers make more successful students at school.  What are you waiting for?  If your child can write his/her own name, get out and get that library card today!

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