Backpacks and Responsibility

School has already begun and backpacks are everywhere.  All children will be carrying backpacks to and from school and with them carry a great deal of responsibility.  Children must bring important paperwork from parents to school and see that the teacher receives it.  At the end of the school day children must carry important paperwork back home and see that their parents receive it.  Sounds like a simple task, but believe me, it is not. As parents, you must instill upon your child the responsibility of getting notes and papers delivered to the teacher.  Show your child the papers that you have placed in his/her backpack so that he/she knows what to look for upon arriving in the classroom.  I do not check backpacks, some Kindergarten and/or First Grade teachers do, but most do not.  For the first month of school I do walk the children through the learning process of how to ‘check’ their backpack each and every day the minute that they get into the classroom and instruct them what to do with the papers for me.  When your child gets home from school, the process of emptying the backpack should be first on the list of things to do.  This MUST become a routine for your child so that he/she has the responsibility of passing school work and important papers right into mom and dad’s hands. Yes, more and more teachers are emailing and blogging so much of the important information does get home without help from your child, however, work that your child has done and many papers that come from the school’s office still go home the old fashioned way, in the backpack. Please practice this skill with your child so that he/she will fully understand his/her role in the use of the school backpack.

Re-Posted from August, 2009

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  1. Katie Jones

    Yes it is important to instill responsibility in kids and having a child assume responsibility for their belongings is a good step in instilling responsibility.

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