Coloring and Adding Details

Children love to color.  Using color crayons and seeing the streaks of color glide across a paper is fun for young children.   Now having said that, young children often color an entire paper using one only color crayon..usually a color that they like.  Pink person, pink hair, pink sky, pink dog, etc. They pay no attention to the colors that they use to color pictures.   In Kindergarten we establish a rule on the first day of school regarding using color crayons to do your work.  If you are 4 you MUST use at least 4 different colors on your work, if you are 5 you MUST use at least 5 different colors on your work and if you are 6 you MUST use at least 6 different colors on your work.  This transition from using 1 crayon to possibly using 5 or 6 doesn’t come easy but it with patience it does come.  I find the same problem first graders.  They choose one color crayon and off they go giving no thought to what the finished product will look like. We encourage the children to think about what they are coloring and what color would that object be if they were to see it in real life.  Take a look at your 4, 5 or 6 year old child’s coloring.  If you notice your child using just one favorite color…now is the time to start correcting that behavior and the Kindergarten and First Grade teachers will really appreciate your support.

Reposted from 2009

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