Self Help Skills

Is your child in Kindergarten or First Grade?  Learning to take care of yourself while at school is a big step in the life of a Kindergartner or First Grader.  Many children are coming from homes where Mom and Dad have done almost everything for them.  Please don’t do things for children that they can do for themselves! It is time to encourage your child to do more things on his/her own.

  • Practice tying shoes at home (don’t cheat and buy Velcro) really practice tying shoes
  • Teach your child how to take off and put on his/her jacket.  This means learning to pull sleeves inside out after the jacket has been taken off too quickly.
  • Practice buttoning or zipping jackets/coats.  This is hard for little fingers.
  • Practice opening and closing snack container that will be used at school.
  • Using the toilet, cleaning themselves and washing hands properly after each bathroom use
  • Don’t forget to write your child’s name in the collar of all clothing that comes to school.  Many parents buy new school clothing for their children and the children are not familiar with the clothing and cannot recognize it when it is left behind in the classroom.  Label the clothes!
  • Practice opening and closing the backpack that will be used for school.
  • Parents you are not doing your child any favors by ‘babying’ them and doing things that he/she is old enough to learn to do for himself/herself.

Re-posted from 2009


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