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Rhyming.  I touched on this topic earlier when I wrote a blog about Nursery Rhymes and the importance of learning rhymes.  It never ceases to amaze me how many new Kindergartners (and if you can believe it, many first graders) coming to school cannot rhyme.  Children are already behind their peers, sometimes way behind, when they cannot rhyme.  When a child has the ability to hear and identify words that rhyme they are practicing an important listening skill.  Children are able to understand that many spoken words sound the same when they have the skill of rhyming. Rhymes help children to understand the sequence of sounds in some words.  5 year olds should be able to hear rhymes when spoken by others; they should be able to make their own sets of rhymes and should be able to make nonsense words that rhyme.  If your child can’t rhyme, start practicing rhyming each and every day NOW if you want your child to be a good reader. Click on this site and you will find rhyming games, rhyming books, and internet sites for practicing rhymes.  If your child can’t rhyme, he/she needs to start working, and if he/she can rhyme, practicing more rhymes can only be beneficial to the reading and writing process.


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