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Emotional Growth of 5 and 6 Year Olds

Your child 5 year old child will experience enormous physical and emotional growth this year. We focus on the physical because we can measure it and see it but we cannot measure the emotional growth of a 5 year old as easily.  You’ll have to make observations about the emotional growth as it matures during this school year.  The American School Counselor Association published the following about Kindergartners:

Where They Are:
The average five-year-old is enthusiastic, helpful, and conforming. He:

  • Attempts only things he/she knows he/she can do.
  • Needs attention, affection, and praise.
  • Is energetic and fidgety.
  • Has a short attention span.
  • May show opposite extremes of behavior.
  • May become less well-behaved as the school year progresses.

Where they’re Going:
At five years old, your child is learning to understand himself/herself. You can help by encouraging him/her as he/she:

  • Develops a positive, realistic self-image.
  • Learns to respect himself/herself.
  • Begins to understand his/her own uniqueness.
  • Gains awareness of his/her feelings.
  • Learns to express feelings.
  • Learns how to participate in groups.
  • Begins to learn from his/her mistakes.

To learn about the emotional growth of a first grader read here:


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Responsibilities for 5 and 6 Year Olds

When we clean up in our classroom, the children are expected, and required, to clean up after themselves.  This seems pretty simple, you make the mess, you clean it up.  However, this is a new concept for many Kindergartners and First Graders who come to me from homes where Mom/Dad or someone else cleans up after them.  What a shock it is for these children when they find out they have to clean up themselves without adult assistance.  One of the questions that I ask parents at our parent/teacher conferences is what type of responsibilities/jobs does your child have at home?  What job will only get done if your child performs it?  Many parents have the answer right away since their child does have responsibilities at home.  Other parents, after giving it some thought realize that their child has no home jobs.  Now some of these parents realize that it IS time to help their child mature and do small tasks at home, but others will listen to my advice and then go home and continue to do everything for their child.  Kindergartners and First Graders are old enough to do many things at home:  Make their own bed, put their dirty laundry in the hamper, help sort/fold clean laundry, empty the silverware from the dishwasher, feed the fish/dog/hamster/guinea pig/, set the silverware/napkins on the table, the list is endless.  The point is, NOW is the time to have your child start helping out at home, as these self help skills will carry with them wherever they go throughout the day.

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Newsletters From Your Child’s Teacher

Newsletters sent to you from your child’s teacher or school should be read as soon as you receive them.  Most Kindergarten and First Grade teachers send out newsletters weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly in order to keep parents informed of what has happened or what is about to happen in the classroom.  I send my weekly newsletters out by email and I post them on Blackboard but all teachers have their own method of sending them to you.  These newsletters are packed full of information about what is being taught in your child’s class, upcoming events, pictures,  daily goings on in the room and general information about your school.  The writing of these newsletters takes time and your child’s teacher writes them for you with you in mind.  These newsletters contain valuable information which will help you stay informed and provide you with conversation starters for you to talk about your child’s school experience with your child. The next newsletter that you get from your child’s teacher, the PTA/PTO, or School Principal, please take the time to read the newsletter as it contains news that you can definitely use!

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How TV Affects Your Child

Watching too much TV can affect your child and not in a good way.  The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that kids under 2 years old not watch any TV and that those older than 2 watch no more than 1 to 2 hours a day of quality programming.  Do you limit your child’s TV time?  Please take a moment to read this article about the effects of too much TV on your child:

If you are interested in establishing healthy habits for TV, Video Games and the Internet please read this article:

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