Newsletters From Your Child’s Teacher

Newsletters sent to you from your child’s teacher or school should be read as soon as you receive them.  Most Kindergarten and First Grade teachers send out newsletters weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly in order to keep parents informed of what has happened or what is about to happen in the classroom.  I send my weekly newsletters out by email and I post them on Blackboard but all teachers have their own method of sending them to you.  These newsletters are packed full of information about what is being taught in your child’s class, upcoming events, pictures,  daily goings on in the room and general information about your school.  The writing of these newsletters takes time and your child’s teacher writes them for you with you in mind.  These newsletters contain valuable information which will help you stay informed and provide you with conversation starters for you to talk about your child’s school experience with your child. The next newsletter that you get from your child’s teacher, the PTA/PTO, or School Principal, please take the time to read the newsletter as it contains news that you can definitely use!


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