Talk To Your Child About His Day

All school-aged children are now back in school and are happy to be back into their school routine.  Many parents were counting down the minutes until the school bus arrived on the first day of school and were also happy or happier (?) to see the start of another school year.  Please remember that when your child comes back home at the end of a school day that he/she has much to share with you so please be ready to listen.  By that I mean, put down your iPhone, your iPad or get off of your computer and really listen.  Look at your child and give all of your attention to him/her.  You will be sending your child the message that you are really interested in what has happened to him/her in the 7-9 hours since you last saw each other.  Ask your child specific questions, listen to the answers.  Please don’t ask, ‘how was your day?’ or you will get ‘fine’ as an answer.  Sit with your child, share an after school snack and ask specific questions such as:

  • Who did you eat lunch with?
  • What specials did you have today?
  • What story did your teacher read to you today?
  • What were you working on in math today?
  • Did you read with the teacher today?
  • What were you writing about in your journal today?

You will get much more information about your child’s day when you ask specific questions and your child will be happy to share information about his/her day.  Do this everyday and if you don’t see your child immediately after school, talk about his/her day while you prepare dinner or while the family eats dinner together.  These are the days that will be making memories for your child about his/her childhood… make the memories special by sharing time and talking with your child.


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  1. Anonymous

    fantastic advice ! We all need to slow down and listen to our children.

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