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20 Questions to Ask Your Child At Bedtime

When I was a young mother, I really looked forward to the time of the day when all of the  hustle and bustle had ended, homework was done and baths and teeth were finished.  Story time.  Our children looked forward to this special time each evening as much as we did.  It was a time to think about our day, plan for tomorrow and ALWAYS listen to a story or two.  My niece, who is now a young mother herself, came across this website that listed 20 questions that you should ask your child at bedtime.  It is a wonderful way to connect with your child and see what he/she has been thinking about.  Take a look and go ahead start asking your child these questions and look forward to the delightful conversations that will follow.


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Open Ended Questions

Parents are hearing more and more about asking their young children open ended questions.  These types of questions encourage your child to think and give a thought out answer and not just nod their head, say a quick yes or no, or possibly ignore you all together.  Believe me, the ignoring really does happen. I found this list of open ended questions that you could ask your own child..go ahead, give it a try and watch the delightful conversation that will ensue between you and your child.

This list was compiled by

Start each phrase with “What if …”

… there were no colors except white?
… we had three arms?
… children were the parents?
… there were no stoves?
… we had no pencils?
… we couldn’t cry?
… there were no clocks?
… we had no policemen?
… we went to school at night?
… there were only adults in the world?
… there were no school at all?
… there was no such thing as breakfast cereal?
… every country had a king?
… it never stopped raining?
… we had no cars?
… insects were as big as people?
… there were no books?
… our only form of transportation was horses?
… our parents never said ‘no’?
… there were no music?
… we were never hungry?
… we didn’t have to eat vegetables?
… we all looked the same?
… we didn’t have holidays?
… smiling was against the law?
… snails could run?
… every wish came true?
… the world was flat?
… we never recycled anything?
… people could fly?
… there was no gravity?
… no one had manners?
… all people were selfish?
… there were no teachers?
… our shadows were alive?
… there were no wars?
… there were no telephones?
… the ocean was made of jelly?
… we could only eat pizza?
… we used cookies instead of money?
… we all acted the same?
… water didn’t freeze?
… trees grew candy?
… we never slept?

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Open Ended Questions

Kindergarten children are learning to express themselves so that others understand what they are thinking.  This is new for many as they have had 5 years of Mom and Dad knowing what they are going to say, understanding what has been said and often even finishing sentences for them.   Then they come to school.   When a child gives me a correct answer, I will ask him/her, “How did you know that?” and almost all of the time the answer will be “I just do” or “I always knew that”.  Formulating thoughts is very challenging for Kindergartners and they need us to help them learn how to do it. Listen to the conversations that you have with our own child and always try to encourage more words and thoughts from your child.  Please do not let them answer you in short simple sentences.  Try not to ask your child questions with one word answers.  Keep probing.  Ask open ended questions that will tell you how your child is thinking and feeling.  Here are some samples of questions:

Not open ended:  What color is your block?

Open ended:  Tell me about what you are building.

Here are some sites with sample open ended questions for you to start using with your own child.  Not all of the questions will be ‘just right’ for 5 and 6 year olds, but read through them and I am sure that you will find many that will be perfect for you to use with your child.

Top 50 open ended questions:

Top 100 open ended questions:


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