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Parents are Child’s Primary Teachers

Your child will encounter many teachers in his/her lifetime. Not only will there be teachers in the classroom, but there will be just as many outside of the classroom.  He/she will have teachers in sports, after school activities, music lessons, girl/boy scouts etc.  Your child will have to listen and learn from many adults but the most important teacher for your child is YOU! Yes, you! Your child’s learning is ongoing and he/she will be learning many new activities throughout his/her day, but he/she will depend upon you to help keep the learning going when he/she gets home. How to do this? During dinnertime conversation, or at bedtime:

  • Ask your child to tell you about his/her day
  • Ask your child to tell you about one new thing that he/she learned that day
  • Find ways to extend what your child is learning about school
  • If he/she is learning about a new artist in Art class, visit a local art museum
  • Play board games that reinforce math skills that are being taught
  • When your child is learning about animals, visit a local zoo or animal habitat where your child can see and learn first hand
  • When your child is learning about an important person in history, find out where local museums, or local neighborhoods are celebrating the life of that person…and then go there
  • Take your child to the local library to check out books to explore the topic
  • Look online for games, activities, lessons, videos that will reinforce what is being taught in the classroom

Remember parents, your child and your child’s teachers will be expecting your help in your child’s learning process. Please don’t let them down!


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Weather Graph

Kindergartners have learned to graph this year and are really beginning to grasp but a graph is all about. In my room we graph almost daily and we graphed the weather for the month of March, deciding if each day was ‘lamb’ like, or ‘lion’ like.  The children really enjoyed this activity and were sad to see it end once April arrived.  Here is a weather graph that you could printout for your child to use at home to practice graphing.  All you have to do is print out the weather graph and at the beginning of the month write the dates across the top of each column for your child.  This math skill will be put to good use when your child arrives in first grade.

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Go For A Walk

Enjoy a family day today!  Go for a walk and look for signs of Spring. When you are back at home, your child should sort and classify the treasures that he/she finds on your walk. Then he/she should choose a favorite find and write a few sentences about this item.


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Science and Social Studies Kindergarten Benchmarks

4th quarter is upon us and your child will be expected to reach several academic benchmarks by the end of Kindergarten.  This week I am giving you checklists for each major academic area in order for you to see how your child is progressing towards reaching all of the Kindergarten benchmarks.  Please take some time to review the skills listed and ask yourself this question, “Is MY child able to successfully achieve ALL of these skills consistently and independently without adult help?” If your child is experiencing difficulty mastering these kindergarten skills, it may indicate a struggle next year in first grade.

Science and Social Studies:

  • Has the ability to understand and explain basic concepts and information
  • Respond appropriately when asked basic comprehension questions that begin with Why and How
  • Explains, describes and restates  basic concepts and information in his or her own words
  • Completes projects independently using concepts and information

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